Flying Pant - Black Utexbel

Flying Pant - Black Utexbel


The classic Griffin Fying pant and worn by everyone, why is it different because we make it in a jacket factory, not a trouser factory. It has 4 pockets on the front 2 with zip secure, knee patches for wear and bum patch for wear and protection, ribbed and zipped hem for ventilation and putting over boots. Available in 2 fabrics, an outerwear, strong military cloth (the mill is in Belgium which has a great history, we have worked with them for 20 years) this fabric which is an original military cloth has cotton for comfort and polyester for strength.

The second option is a 3 layer waterproof Desert DPM perfect for hiking or a wet day in London commuting which can be found here.

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  • Four pockets on the front, two with zips
  • Bum patch for wear and protection
  • Ribbed and zipped hem for ventilation and putting over boots

Measurements (medium)
Waist hips - 87cms
Inside leg - 76cms
Outside leg - 98cms
Crouch - 67cms

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