Congratulations to Nims on his Netflix Documentary 14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible.


We want to congratulate Nims on his new Netflix Documentary
14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible.

Nims climbed all 14 death zone peaks (above 8000 meters) in 6 months and 6 days, a monumental world record. We are proud to have been involved in designing Nims' expedition suit, providing our expertise in outerwear and functionality, in conjunction with Thrudark. 

Nirmal Purja we salute you! 

Nims wearing his expedition suit.
It was an honour to work with Nims and Thrudark on designing an expedition suit to endure the extremest challenges ahead of Nims and his team. We are pleased to have been consulted by Thrudark to collaborate on this. We combined Jeff's expertise in outerwear, fabrication and construction with Thrudarks Special Forces knowledge to create the ultimate suit for Nims. 

We created 4 samples at our factory in Italy, La Rocca, with extensive testing to achieve a high-functioning garment that was extremely lightweight, protective, and insulating. Majocchi, Pertex, Dyneema, and Gipitex were vital in executing this.  





Karina, Jeff and Nims at the Launch of his 14 peaks expedition.

14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible | Official Trailer | Netflix

Working in our factory La Rocca.